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Areas of Specialization
Adolescent Program
Right Step’s teen intensive outpatient program is a solution for teens that are unable to interrupt their daily schedules or do not require a higher level of care. For 10 hours each week (at least three days a week) teens will be in a structured, supportive environment participating in counseling sessions and educational groups led by licensed professionals. Our adolescents outpatient program utilizes Twelve Step study and proven clinical treatment methods to help adolescents replace destructive habits with positive recovery skills so they can go on to lead happy, healthy lives. The treatment includes the following activities: individual counseling, group counseling, family group counseling, spirituality awareness, Twelve Step meetings, education classes and relapse prevention.
Adolescent Inpatient Program
Right Step’s adolescent recovery program, located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, was developed to provide for the specific needs of youths ranging from 13 to 17 years old. To ensure a safe, effective treatment experience, our teen rehab is completely gender-specific with separate housing, programming and services for males and females. Length of stay varies based on the needs of each client, and discharge and aftercare planning begin at the onset of treatment to assist in the transition from a self-defeating lifestyle to a productive, happy future. Our residential drug rehab for teens features an accredited on-site school, which focuses on teaching personal accountability, respect, communication skills, and the necessary tools to achieve long-term sobriety. While the program is highly structured, it also offers a variety of sober leisure/recreational activities.
Teen Rehab
Right Step is a network of outpatient and inpatient addiction treatment centers in Texas that includes a highly effective teen rehab in Dallas. Tailored to teens ages 13 to 17, this residential program includes an aftercare program that is free of charge for two full years. Teens who are struggling with an underlying mental health disorder such as depression or anxiety also receive care from an onsite psychiatrist and 24-hour nursing staff. Right Step’s teen rehab in Texas allows clients to stay on top of their studies while they’re in rehab. Classes are led by a credentialed teacher from a nearby high school with academic transcripts issued directly from the school district. Family involvement is an important part of treatment at Right Step’s adolescent addiction treatment program. The intensive family program includes weekly family therapy, educational groups and family support groups as well as weekly visitation opportunities.
The Right Step Dallas - Teen Rehab
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