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Areas of Specialization
Christian LINKS Program
In the Christian LINKS Program at Northbound Treatment Services we address the problems in a person’s life and help them overcome the bondage of addiction through God’s love and power.
Dual Diagnosis Treatment
We specialize in the successful treatment of mental health and alcoholism / addiction problems that often times occur in combination. We treat both the mental disorder and the alcoholism/addiction concurrently.
Gender Specific Program
The primary mission of gender-specific programming is to offer rehabilitation and support services in a nurturing, safe, and caring environment so that men and women can experience treatment with dignity and respect. Same-sex treatment programs offer a level of comfort for those who may not feel at ease in a mixed gender environment.
The Family Program
The Family Program is a monthly program designed to help families repair relationships damaged by drug and alcohol abuse.
Northbound Treatment Services - Newport Beach
4 San Joaquin Plaza
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Options & Amenities
  • Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Behavioral Disorder Treatment
  • Dual-Diagnosis Treatment
  • Detox Services
  • Gender Restrictions
  • CARF Accreditation
  • JCAHO Accreditation
  • CDRH Accreditation

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